Albergo Ristorante S.Rocco
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Albergo Ristorante S.Rocco - Via Cavour, 19 - 26866 Sant’Angelo Lodigiano -LO  tel. +39 037190729 - fax. +39 0371210242 Email: - www. - C.F. / P.IVA 02179010158 - Reg. Imprese LO 031-5125/96 - R.E.A. LO 956355
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Valid documents at CHECK-IN Dear Guest please remember: - We do not accept people without identification - The valid Identity documents at reception: For people of Italian nationality - Identity Card - Passport - Driving license (indicating residence) -Other equivalents documents*,and in any case accepted by the electronic system of the Police : * "Are equivalent to the identity card passport, driving license, nautical license, pension book, the license for the operation of heating plants, firearms license, the identification cards, provided it possesses the a photo and stamp or equivalent marking issued by a contracting state. " For foreigners who are part of the European Union: - Identity Card - Passport For foreigners who are not part of the European Union: - Passport INFO :The Residence Permit is NOT considered valid for the purpose of identification, if not accompanied by an identification: (Passport – Identity Card). Info-Police         - 112   NOTE: As in all tourist and accommodation facilities - people under the age of eighteen (18) years are not accepted unless accompanied by family members during their stay... and they need a valid document of identity (birth certificate, identity certificate etc.). Rif. TULPS 109